What Does ‘Sectioned’ Mean?

Fantastic post on what being ‘sectioned’ really means.

Mental Health Cop

This post is mainly aimed at police officers and is intended to ram home what the term ‘sectioned’ means – every police officer in England and Wales needs to understand it, so they can adjust themselves accordingly, if necessary! … and if you know a police officer, please spend 60 seconds of your life in the coming days telling them to learn this point! It is as important as knowing ‘reasonable grounds to suspect’ and other legal matter you would expect to have to learn.

This post intends to keep you out of trouble: nothing more and it’s necessary because of the sheer number of tweets, emails and other communications I get where this point has been badly misunderstood. I accept this is occasionally due to the way some mental health professionals explain the legal position that may be in play at a given moment in time and it may…

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